This is not going to be a series on the blog. It's just one of those things that comes up once in a blue moon. You want to know how I spend my entire day in school? Then, take a cup of hot tea, sit back, relax and enjoy! I will also do A DAY IN MY LIFE when I'm back home but the trend you will read now is how I spend my life in school. It's going to be a really long post. Enjoy!


I don't have a specific time I wake up. I can sleep for Africa so I wake up anytime I wake up. It could be an influence of noise and other times, it could be my alarm which I set for a particular occasion but forgot to switch off. However, if I have somewhere to go or an exam to write, I make sure to wake up one hour thirty minutes (1hr 30 mins) before the time so that I can have enough time to do everything I want to do. And I'm not much of a punctual person. I'm working on that.

After waking up, I pick up my Open Heavens Devotional to fill me with God's word for the day. I'm a member of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God. So, I'm used to this devotional. I've tried reading other devotionals like 'Daily Manna', 'Rhapsody Of Realities' etc but I just don't connect the way I connect with 'Open Heavens'. After that, I read some verses from my Bible and say my Morning Prayers to usher the day.

As usual, the next thing to do is to freshen up. My favorite toothpaste is CloseUp. I grew up using it so I'm stuck with it. On days when I feel like trying something new, I use OralB or Pepsodent. For now, I have just Pepsodent and CloseUp in my Wardrobe.

                                         The devastating state of the zinc in school hostel
                                          Can you imagine this is where we have our bath?
                                  I know some of y'all will almost puke but we are used to it.
               And this is where we poo. This toilet shakes whenever you sit on it. Like, its broken.
                                                                    A closer view
                                                                     Our balcony

Abeg, if any government official is reading this, I take God beg you, please come to our aid and renovate these toilet facilities. Imagine the devastating toilet state in the University Of Ibadan - First and Best. This is very unfair and for the first few weeks I resumed, I always wanted to vomit anytime I entered. On other days when I'm pressed, I would have my bath and visit Ventura just to use their clean toilet. This accounts for why these politicians send their children to study in foreign universities because they cannot bear their kids go through half of what we are going through. Very unfair!

The next thing after brushing my teeth and bathing is to clean up and choose what I'll wear from a stack of many clothes in my ghana - must - go. I have one very big box, two medium sized leather boxes and one other box with a big ghana - must - go. I'm not usually a disorganized person but with clothes? I'm very disorganized with my wardrobe. I'll arrange it today and I'll scatter it the next day out of looking for what to wear. I don't arrange my clothes a day before. I'm not a fashionista. I dress according to my mood. And if I don't wear what's on my mind, it could make me very depressed for a while but it's not a cool thing. I'm working on that. Clothes shouldn't affect my mood. Yesterday, I picked a yellow crop top and my favorite black skirt.

 I and my bunk mate's wardrobe. The first part is mine and the second part is hers. See how small it is
                                                              My makeup collection

I settle down to do a light makeup. Less is more, remember? I'm not a makeup person. And don't look at me with a bad eye because of my wardrobe. Na correct student life. Besides, that wardrobe is too small so we have to find a way to fit things in. My makeup routine takes me about 20 minutes not because I'm doing something heavy but because I'm quite slow in it. I use white powder for my foundation because normal foundation makes my face oily. Then, I cake it up with Kiss Beauty Color 2 and yet, people will say my face doesn't look like I used any powder. Then, I comb my eye brow because I don't draw them. I use a little Vaseline on it to make it a bit shiny. Na me invent that style. After that, I use a mascara to darken my lashes. Other times, I mix it with a little Vaseline to make it shine. Then, I use a gold pink eye-shadow on the brink of my eye. On other days, I don't use it at all. Then, I use Vaseline on my lips, use a gold lipstick - just little. Then, I apply the main lipstick and cap it up with the gold lipstick to make it shine. On other days, I don't use any lipstick at all after using the gold lipstick. For the styling of my hair, I apply gel on my hair and a dandruff cream because of the stubborn dandruff that might want to peek. Thank God I don't have any again. I wear my ear ring and I'm ready to go!

                     Me before makeup. Not usually all smiling but I have to smile for this camera.

           Me after the makeup. I'm usually all smiling to the camera. This is the best time for a selfie

On other days when I don't have anywhere to go, I simply couch myself to my bed and spend more time on social media. But on this day, I have somewhere to go!


Just before I step out for the day, I make sure to arrange my bed. This is very important to me because my bed also affects my mood. Lol. If I come back to a disorganized bed, it can be very disheartening. I quickly took this picture before resulting to arrange it. However, on days when I'm rushing out, I quickly straighten it out roughly and head out for the day.

We don't have a standing mirror in my room. So, I usually use the one downstairs in the hall. And why won't I take some pictures in front of the mirror?

Y'all should know by now that I trek more. I trek to wherever I have to go - class, fellowship, the mall or to visit someone. 

If I'm going somewhere outside school, I always take a bike. Lately, I've been taking cabs though because its cheaper and why waste so much money? Also, my mom warned me to stop taking bikes after reading the odds about it. However, Emete would still take a bike. Lol.

 After my outings, I check out for restaurants where I can get cheap but quality food. No money to waste. On other days, I go for expensive meals. I could spend almost 2k on just one plate on some days and other days when my account is singing another song, I spend as cheap as N150 or N200.

I won a book by one of my favorite blogger - NaijaSingleGirl. I applied for the giveaway. It was a partnership between her brand and ReviewNaija. I chatted her up and I like how she was sweet and humble throughout the process till I got the book. I've started reading the book though and its pretty interesting. The book is really big. To be sincere, I didn't expect it to be that big. It's actually worth the N3K it goes for.


From 4pm, I start rounding up my activities. Yesterday, I visited quite a number of places such as Ibadan Centre For Government Policy And Business Policy as well as the University Of Ibadan Distance Learning Centre in affiliation with Centre For Innovation And Entrepreneurship and oh, I got too many compliments from different people telling me that I'm very beautiful. Lol. It's very pleasing to the ear. I hear it very often but it still seems fresh. All I do is smile and say 'Thank You'.

This is usually rush hour in Ibadan and I also rush to get back to school because I don't like staying out late. Other times, after my outings, I spend the evening visiting my boyfriend. We chat and all. If we're hungry, we go to a nearby Amala joint. Buka is the way. Lol. Other times, he cooks and we eat or I cook and we eat or his friends cook and we eat. When its about 8pm to 9pm, I take my leave. He often escorts me to the school gate where I take a cab back to my hostel but nowadays, I continue my trekking to my hostel because...FITFAM.


The University Of Ibadan is relatively safe. Walking in the night is not something I usually worry about. Whenever my boyfriend escorts me, he's assured I'll get back to the hostel safe. The school is that safe!


Getting back to my hostel, I undress and change to either my nightie or a tank top and shorts. I check if my teddy bear missed me or nah. Lol. That's my best friend there. So, no insults. After that, I retire to the hostel's cafeteria for a quick dinner and either visit my friend's room or return back to my room. I scroll through my phone for messages and pick up my laptop. Time to check my blog and other blog-sites. It's either I post or I just check the blog and close it if I'm not ready to post. I also receive calls and make phone calls to other people as well as check and respond to emails.

I end the day by reading my books. As its exam period now, this is very essential. When its not exam period, I end my day by playing games on my phone, then saying a night prayer and listening to some gospel music till I fall asleep. Many times, I forget to read my Bible because its far from my bed and I don't have any Bible App on my phone. Why? I factory reset my phone recently and it disappeared. I'm planning to install another one because I hate when I forget to read my Bible unlike when I'm at home and my Bible is beside my bed.

This is basically how my day goes when I'm in school in Ibadan. It's very different from how I spend my day when I'm at home. When I go back home after exams, I'll do a post on how I spend my entire day at home. That'll be more fun because you'll get to see my family and how beautiful life could be with good family. I hope y'all enjoyed reading and viewing the many pictures?

Photo Credit - My Infinix Hot 4 Lite. I love my phone's camera. I was also assisted by some random sweethearts

Side Gist - Spent almost 4 hours writing and uploading pictures on this post due to bad network. Mehn, the things bloggers go through. Now, I can go back to read since I'm not going anywhere today. Have a fun day!

Thanks For Reading!!!💗💋



  1. Wow! You have such an interesting life

  2. And thats how you will not show your boyfriend's face to us. You will be hiding him ehn. I will still know him one day sha. Lovely post

    1. Lol, Anotie. So sorry about that but I prefer him private. Thanks dear

  3. Woa! Correct life of a student blogger. I enjoyed reading this and viewing the pictures too. My regards to your rummie and boyfriend. *winks*

  4. Nice write up. So sincere and real. Thumbs up!

  5. Thanks Timi. I appreciate you!

  6. Hey girl! you are amazing, will definitely be reading your posts.


    1. Thanks dear bunmi. You are very sweet and amazing too!


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