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I held my head tight like it was going to burst and tried so hard to calm my nerves. My mother stood rooted to where she was, eyeing me and clapping her hands out of sheer disdain.

          'Mama', I finally said. 'I really don't know why you are doing this but in order to avoid any form of trouble, please tell those men to get out of my office'

          'Ehn!', she shouted. 'Over my dead body! Just last Saturday, mama Nkechi's child got married in the village. Mama Nkechi that...'

Before she could complete her statement, I stormed out of the place and went straight to the reception. They elders were sitted but stood up immediately I approached.

          'My elders, I greet you', I said with my hands planted on my waist.

          'Iseeeeee!!!!', they said amidst laughter while the uncle congratulated my suitor.

          'You!', I signaled to my suitor. He touched his chest out of wonder unsure of whether I was referring to him. 'Yes, you! The man in green suit'

          'Oh, Adago! Sweetim! You know that's not the right way to talk to your husband but because we are not yet married properly, I'm not angry', he said as they all burst into laughter while shaking one another and exposing their yellow teeth.

I hissed out of anger. 'Will you shut up!', I said and they all went mute. 'Haggard looking hungry old men! If no one even sits you down, aren't you all brainy and matured enough to sit down and think for yourselves? I'm sure none of you is younger than 40 and what do they say about a fool at 40 being  a fool forever?'

          'Ehen! It's okay!', the oldest elder shouted. 'Who do you think you are talking to?'

          'You know what', I sighed. 'I don't have time for all these. But I'll be going to my office to take a nap. If I see you all here before I come back, I pray and I so pray you will all go back to the village with your two legs', I said and stormed back to my office.

I tried to work on my computer amidst the shouts from the angry elders. I could hear my mother begging them helplessly. After a few minutes, they left. I was too angry to continue with work. I shut down my system and went home.

I had a light shower and sat down on my bed to rest. I felt very bored and took up my phone. I scrolled through my messages and checked my social media accounts and closed them almost immediately. All I could see were pictures of my friends getting married as well as other people's pre wedding pictures. I hissed and tried to take a nap but it wasn't forthcoming. As I lay bored on my bed, my phone vibrated. It was a message notification. From Akinola.

          'I missed you and I just thought I should holla. How's work going and about the other day, do you mind sharing?'

My heart lighted up on seeing the message. I bit my lips thinking of whether to reply or not. I decided to reply anyway.


He replied immediately.

         'Where are you?'

         'What do you think?'

        'Work? Room?'


        'Should I come?'

        'If you are less busy'

        'See you in 2 minutes'


I jumped out of my bed immediately and stepped into something petite. I quickly combed my hair and applied a little powder. I checked myself out in the mirror but saw another image beside me. I jumped out of fear.

          'Hey! Calm down', Akinola said. 'Your door wasn't locked so I was able to come in unnoticed. Apologies'

I held my chest. 'Akinola, don't ever do that again'

He smiled. 'I'm sorry. You look good anyway. How come you aren't at work?'

          'Something came up and I couldn't deal. So, I had to leave early'

He played with figurine on my table. 'Learn to face your fears, Harriet'

I swallowed. 'This one is different'

There was a brief silence between us as we stood.

         'So, you wanted to share something about the other day'

         'Is that why you came?', I said and sat on the table with legs crossed.

He narrowed his eyes. 'Yes?'

          'Only reason?', I asked in a low tone and caressed my chin.

          'Except you have something for me to do'

I stood up and slowly walked to him. 'What if I?', I asked

I wanted to touch his beard when I heard a knock.

          'Who is that?', I asked, pissed.


I stepped back. 'Come in', I said and she opened the door.

Akinola motioned to me. 'I think I have to leave now', he said, gave me a brief kiss and patted my hand.

Bola stood affixed to where she was with a confused expression. He nodded to her and walked out.


(Read Episode 12 HERE )



  1. Nice return. What's up with harriet not knowing what she wants. Ladies problem

    1. @ayomide, lol. I don't know for harriet too.


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