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People who say Ibadan's social life is so dead really haven't done their research. It's either they limited themselves to a particular jurisdiction when they visited or they haven't even visited Ibadan at all. This post is going to prove so many people wrong with a detailed list of some of the social places in Ibadan ranging from Clubs to hangout spots to hotels to restaurants and many more. All thanks to Typearls Lifestyle for this detailed list. Enjoy!

Before the advent of the modern and new fun spots, one can't easily forget the days of Tutec restaurant, Platinum club, Cottons club, Baba Sala cinema, Queen Cinema, Bowers tower, Right choice Ice cream, Favos internet cafes and Agbowo shopping complex.  Some spots included in this list were also in that era but they survived by constantly stepping up their game to meet revolutionary trends. So here is my favorite list of social hangouts and fun spots in Ibadan with locations.


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These are the clubs you get the nightlife, unwind moments, ladies nites, dancing, sashaying, strippers, splurging on drinks and more.

GQ lounge- Old Bodija
Ebevande- Challenge
Spyda- Agbowo
Coded lounge- Challenge
Clique 69- Ring road
Kokodome- Cocoa house,Dugbe
Options 24/7 (Fomerly known as Yepaa)- Ikolaba,Agodi GRA
Time out-Oluyole
Olympus X-Quen cinema, Dugbe
411- Sango-Bodija road
Apollos- Ringroad
Echo Blues - Ringroad
Topside Lounge - Ringroad/Oluyole
E3-  Ringroad
Infinities- Ringroad

Social hangout spots:

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From film watching, bowling, horse riding, games, sight seeing, picnics, taking pictures, window shopping and general networking with people, these are the happening  places to hangout.

Ventura mall- Samonda
Agodi botanical gardens ( Beautifully revamped)-Agodi GRA
Shoprite- Dugbe (You have heard the rumours I believe)
Trans amusement park- Agbowo
Ibadan recreation club- Sabo
Ibadan polo club- Army barracks, Eleyele ( I was learning to ride horses here but polo really is an expensive hobby)
Golf club-Sabo
Film house- Ventura mall, Samonda
Game World- Dugbe
Army officers mess-Ikolaba, Agodi
Palm malls- Ringroad
Fun factory- Old Bodija

Food restaurants:- 

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There is a popular belief that food is cheap in Ibadan and there are abundance of local food canteens and restaurants to testify that Ibadan people love good food. The much talked about  ones include :

Skye (So named because its beside Skye bank) - Bodija market
Mama Ope- Mokola
Sade Eleja- Mokola
Mauve 21- Challenge
Champs- Heritage mall, Dugbe
No 25- Bodija
Mama Soji - Eleyele-Dugbe road
Inastrait- Mokola hills
Spices- U.I
Frostyz ice cream lounge- Bodija
Chinese restaurant- Onireke
Tintin- Agbowo
Petebar- Trans amusemnt park, Agbowo
Dominos'Pizza- Old Bodija
Suya center- Sabo
Ola mummy-Ojurin, Bodija
Jollof rice spot- Samonda (If you eat this rice, you wont eat any other. It's owned by a young lady whose Jollof rice business sells within one hour. As in, you need to book before hand You can also take few moments to visit the pepper soup joints beside it, enjoy the likes the Iya Emeka catfish pepper soup)

There are also fast food joints like KFC, Foodco, Tantalizers and  Mr Biggs.

Hotels with swimming pools:

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Premier hotel- Mokola hills
Lafia hotel- Apata
Banner hotel- Bodija
Labod hotel- Old Bodija
T-Exclusive- Bashorun
Koltol Paradise inn- Bashorun

Tourist Attractions:

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National Museum of Unity-Aleshinloye
Cocoa House, Ibadan- The first skyscraper in Nigeria
The Botanical Garden, University of Ibadan
U.I zoos- University of Ibadan
Olubadan  Palace and  Mapo Hall- Mapo hills
Cultural Centre- Mokola
Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)- Agodi
IITA (International institute of  tropical agriculture) - Ojoo to Moniya road
CRIN (Cocoa research institute Nigeria) - Idi Ayunre, Ibadan to Ijebu ode road

So I'm sure you can never complain of boredom with all the places listed above, and if you visit Ibadan without buying anything from the popular Aleshinloye, Dugbe or Gbagi markets especially clothing items or you didn't taste the famous delicacy for which Ibadan is known for, Amala, gbegiri and Ewedu (Abula), you need to revisit for your education to be complete. 

Have I left your favorite spot out? Let me know in the comment section.

Photo Credit - Google (All pictures above are all taken from places in Ibadan)

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  1. Wow! This is an awesome idea. To collate the list of all social places in Ibadan.

    1. @teresa, thank you dear. I'm glad you love the idea

  2. Emete thanks for this post at least now I know that Ibadan is also as bubbly as Lagos. And success in your exams but I am not to late with the good wish.

    1. @dominika goodness, I'm glad you now realize that dear. Thanks for the wishes. You are not too late o.


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