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For the fact that I love to learn and appreciate the good works of others, I decided to put up the top 5 blogs on Ibadan that you should be reading. I did a little research on this before I decided to start my own blog. At least, you have to know what's in existence before putting up a show. If you really love Ibadan and want to know more, you should check out these blogs. If you really want to expand your knowledge asides from the one this blog would be giving to you, then you should check these blogs out.


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This blog has managed to live up to it's name. It's a blog about everything trending in Ibadan. It's a very simple blog and very simple to navigate. The simplicity of the blog also lies in it's interface. They cover everything on news, entertainment, politics, events, business, music, crime, fashion/beauty/lifestyle, love and relationship, properties and a host of others. If you really like everything trending, then you should check out this blog by clicking on the link below.



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If you are looking for the hottest and trending gists in Ibadan, Ibadan Insider has it all for you. One thing I always look out for in this blog is the list of trending movies that would be showing in Ibadan cinemas. I wanted to start that on the blog but I just thought it won't be necessary since this blog has it covered already. I might change my mind later though. I like that the blog is really colorful and very easy to navigate. They have different sections on Jobs and Events that goes on in Ibadan. To become fully infused in the family, you can become a writer on the blog too. Another reason why I love this blog is because they conduct interviews and give you step by step lessons on how to grow individually as well as how to grow your business. In fact, don't let me spill the beans too much. To check this blog, click on the link below.



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First of all, I love the name. From the name, you would know that they have that Ibadan flow and ginger we are all looking for. Ibadan Kiniso is like the Linda Ikeji's blog of Ibadan. This blog covers everything running from the latest news, sports, jobs, events and everything you can think of. It also covers technology. I personally love the design. Like, it rhymes with the niche of the blog. They also have a section for fashion and articles. In the articles section, you get stories, gists and everything juicy you would love to read. Ibadan Kiniso is one of a kind and you should really check it out. To check the blog, click on the link below.



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Image result for ibcityinfo
This is the biggest Ibadan blog. Someone might have thought that it would come up as my number one but nope. The biggest doesn't necessarily mean the best. However, they have lived up to national standard and they are an inspiration to many because they have been in the game for quite a while. Ibcity Info has the best blog interface amongst others. The colors are popping and if not for anything, but the colors of the blog would make you stay longer. I like that the blog allows for easy navigation and the stories are nicely written and curated. If you want to know what's up in Ibadan and more about it's people, you should check out this blog. They cover everything buzzing in the city. They are the life of Ibadan online. They also own a media house where they make magazines and have recently expanded to Abuja. Now, there is AbujaCity Info. Talk about the money rolling in! To check the blog out, click on the link below.



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To me, this is the richest blog about Ibadan in Nigeria. Not rich in money but rich in deep knowledge and information. Old Naija, as the name says, takes us back to what Ibadan used to be like in ancient times. It takes us back to Ibadan of old. The music, the fashion, ancient stories like the prophet that was consumed by lions. This blog is deep and it's a must read for everyone. Don't leave this post without checking this blog out. When you have more time, check it out and find time to go through their archives. The blog interface is simply cool and not loud. It's very easy to navigate. They go deep into Ibadan's culture and traditions and have pictures to defend everything. In fact, don't let me over-gist you. Simply click on the link below and thank me later.


Here we are! My 5 Top Ibadan Blogs you should check out. However, we cannot sign-out without knowing about one extra fun blog whose niche is basically about Ibadan. 


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Yaay! Mama, we made it! Wait, how would I do a list on the top Ibadan blogs and not include mine? Haha, impossicant. So, what can I say? Live In Ibadan is a blog basically curated to show the fun side of Ibadan. It was created out of a passion to correct various misconceptions about Ibadan. The blog also has a personal touch to it. It has a nice blog interface and it is very easy to navigate. The blogger also finds time to visit various toursit centres in Ibadan whilst pouring the entire gist on her blog. If you want everything fun, interesting, adventurous and personal with a little bit of countdown and storytelling, then you should check out this blog by clicking on the link below.


I hope you enjoyed this countdown. And on a more serious note, you should check out each of these blogs.

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Side Gist - First of all, Banky W and Adesua is getting married. I personally do not understand why people are shooting themselves over this news. Like, it's a normal sturv na. I'm not being a bad belle o. I'm very happy for them and wish them the best. HOWEVER, I personally wish they had kept everything low and private with the way celebrity marriages are going. Well, it's their choice. And, Toolz is pregnant. Glory to God! I'm happy about that. But, mercy's marriage just crashed. So, while she was slaying, she was being abused on the side. It is well o. Meanwhile, I have to be at the library today. I need to go and source for more materials for my project. E nor easy! But in the end, it would be worth it!




  1. Great list, Emete. This was fun and insightful to read.

    1. @ada, Thnaks dearest. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Emete I really love this post. It's what I needed as I am thinking and contemplating on were to start a live after my NYSC. I have really been having Ibadan in mind as I want to try some where else other than the usual Lagos life that I have known over the years. I still want to live in the west and I think Ibadan City may be a nice place to start. I also blog at

    1. @dominika goodness, Ibadan is a great place to do your NYSC. You won't regret the experience at all. BTW, this blog has got you covered. I'll check out your blog now. Have a great day, sugar!

  3. your blog should be number 1 here.. :)


    1. @yevandy o, lol. Alright then. Thanks for saying that.

  4. Awww... Thank you for this beautiful and amazing post, Emete Smart. I was just hiking and making my day on 'Live in Ibadan' as usual and could not just take my eyes off the headline of this post. Then I gave it a click and surprisingly, I found OldNaija topping the list. This really is encouraging! Thank you once again, Emete. Let me continue my hiking.

    1. @teslim omipidan, lol. I'm glad you like the post. Please continue your hiking. Lots of love!

  5. *smiles* I really admire what you are doing, Emete. You know what you're doing . . . Keep doing it!

    1. @nwamaka ajaegbu, thanks sweetpie


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