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The bus got to it's final stop at Ibadan. Everyone was getting down. I was dumbfounded because I had no idea of the area we were. With the help of the driver, I got my load out from the back of the bus. Hastily, I searched for my phone inside my handbag. I needed to call Toba, the company's driver and my new driver. I am one very disorganized person. Finding my phone was like another adventure on it's own. I was about telling someone to help flash my phone when it started buzzing. It was covered with two of my makeup brush.

          'Crazy thing!', I mumbled as I got it out.

It was Toba calling.

          'Aye! I was just about calling you. Where are you?'

          'Madam, you have reach Ibadan?'

          'Okay. If I haven't gotten to Ibadan, I wouldn't be asking for your location', I replied angrily.

          'Ehen. But madam, I dey chop for one place o. I go soon finish sha'

I thought my head was going to explode. Like who cares?

          'Toba, see ehn, no allow me vex for you. Get your dumb ass here before I change it for you!', I commanded

          'Bust? Butter? No be bread and butter madam. Na Amala I dey chop', he said, amidst chewing.

At this point, I realized I needed to calm down. This is one local headache I would have to deal with for my long or short stay in Ibadan - well, I hope it's short. So, I needed to be nice and calm down.

          'Breathe, Harriet. Breathe', I muttered to my self. 'Toba, when will you be done eating?'

          'I don almost done. But which side you dey ma?'

Looking around, I had zero idea where I was. There was a young man sitting under a shed with a woman who sold some hot drinks. He looked depressed and devastated. I summoned courage and walked up to him with a smile.

          'Hello. Please where are we? Like, the name of this area?'

          'Sango', he replied without looking up.

          'Alright. Thanks', I said and communicated it to Toba.

After more than 15 minutes of waiting under the hot sun with my load, Toba finally showed up in a black KIA rio. He got down and helped secure my bags in the boot. I was too tired to exchange words with him for his late coming. He opened the door and I entered.

          'Madam, how your travel?', he asked, smiling. His teeth appeared bigger than normal. When I didn't respond, he changed it to a frown. 'Madam, shey I should carry you reach office or hotel?'

          'Hotel please', I quickly responded.

Office? When I felt like I would faint in any minute. I needed a good shower and a good sleep. Toba maneuvered his way through like a pro. There was very little hold - up. We got to the hotel soon enough. Dexterity Hotel. To my greatest surprise, the entire hotel surpassed my expectation. Very neat. A nice serene environment. We entered the reception. Toba got my room keys. The hotel had been booked earlier. One of the staff helped me with my load while Toba left for the car. My room was big enough. Tidy and had this peaceful atmosphere. I thanked the man who helped me with my load and tipped him N100.

Immediately he left, I threw my wig off, hastily removed my clothes and ran to get a shower. It was a shower like no other. The Jacuzzi got to me. I didn't want to get out. I let the water run through my skin as I remained still. Tomorrow is Sunday. Going to church wasn't on my schedule. I needed to visit the office site and then, check Ibadan out for some comfortable places I could chill whenever Friday comes knocking. I hope Toba would be able to help me with that.

Minutes later, I got out, cleaned up and changed into something light - a mini gown. I was really famished and needed to get something at the restaurant down stairs. I put on my wig and gave myself one last look at the mirror before leaving. I couldn't find the restaurant myself. One of the cleaners redirected me. It was a cozy restaurant. There was just one family sitted there. The other seats were empty. I found a seat and in no time and a young man walked up to me.

He was really tall. Well, he looked really tall from a sitting angle. He had a skin that screamed hot chocolate. His hair seemed like silk. I wish I could feel it to confirm if it was indeed real silk. He had the body of a body builder and the smile of my favorite actor, erm, what's his name now? Forgetful me! In summary, he was really cute but what was he doing in a waiter's uniform though?

          'Miss Harriet Ugochukwu right?', he asked with a gentle smile. There was something really peaceful about his eyes.

I became self - conscious.

I reciprocated the smile.

          'Yes, I am. And you?'

          'I'm a waiter here. What would you like to have?'

Oops! I cleared my throat and adjusted myself on the seat. A bloody waiter after-all! I needed to behave like the boss I am. I took the menu that sat on the table. Most of the things listed seemed quite foreign. My taste-buds needed something more local. The most local I found was Ofada Rice.

          'This!', I pointed to Ofada Rice. He leaned closer to check it. Never knew waiters had a taste for good cologne. Impressive.

          'Alright, ma. Drink?'

          'Uhm, I do alcohol. Just give me erm, Jack Daniels, maybe?'

He smiled.

          'We have maltina, soft drinks. You can get alcohol at the bar. I could get it for you'

          'Oh! Never mind then. Give me coke'

He nodded and left. I watched closely as he left. He walked authoritatively and smiled at his other co - workers. His smile was a killer! Soon, he entered a room. Perhaps, the kitchen. I didn't want him to notice I was starring. I started wishing I had come with my phone. I massaged my hands and watched the family at the other side. One of the children was playing with a toy aeroplane while his mother screamed at him to eat. When he wouldn't listen, she stretched forward to hit him on the head. He began to cry and his father cautioned her which led to an argument. Soon enough, a staff approached their table and begged for some peace because of other people in the restaurant.

I didn't know when the waiter came back with my food. Or so I thought. It wasn't the same waiter. It was a female waiter.

          'Your order, ma', she said and placed the food on the table alongside the coke. I felt angry. Where is the other waiter guy? I wanted to ask but something stopped me. What would be my justification for asking about the other waiter?

I simply smiled and waved her off. I looked around. There was no sign of him. I felt quite sad. I intentionally took my time to eat. I wanted to be as slow as possible so that I could have just one more look at the waiter guy if he eventually comes out. After 30minutes, I realized I had looked around more than I had eaten. I resulted to rush the rest. Taking one last glance at the entire restaurant, I found my route back to my room.


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  1. Great one! Mama, you write too well. I can't wait to rest of the story!

    1. @oreoluwa, thanks ma'am. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned to more of the story.

  2. I'm waiting for the next episode biko.
    Do fast abeg.


    1. @Jefferey, lol. Dear, the next episode will be out tomorrow. It's one episode in two days. I'm so sorry dearest. Enjoy the other posts.


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