When it comes to Ewedu, you would get the very best here in Ibadan especially the bukas. Infact, there is one buka that just opened opposite the University of Ibadan. I stay on campus but do you know I usually wake up to enter bike straight to this buka just because of their killer Ewedu. One tends to wonder how these people achieve such Ewedu perfection. What do they put inside gan?

We would be learning that secret on the blog so that the ladies can catch that fire and give the men something that would set their tongues on fire. The man in your life would thank you if you follow this recipe by heart courtesy of Dooney's Kitchen. Mama no dey carry last and guys, you sef fit try am o. Surprise bae with this nice recipe.



* Ewedu Leaves -Jute or Molokhia

* Potash

* Ground Egusi Powder

* Iru

* Crayfish


* Pick the ewedu leaves off their stalk.  This is essential. Unlike other veggies, you don't need any stalk, just the leaves.

*  Add enough water to cook the ewedu into a wide saucepan. Add in the potash rocks and allow the water to boil to dissolve the potash. You need the potash to dissolve completely. Don't add in too much potash else it will affect the taste, and also give the ewedu a yucky shade of brown.

* While the water is boiling or even before, blend the ewedu leaves with a little water. You only need a little water. You need a rough blend. You can use a traditional blender jug or a hand blender. Look closely, notice how its only the leaves and no stalks.

* Blend to a rough paste.

* Pour in the blended ewedu boiling with potash and water. Leave the ewedu leaves to boil till it becomes slightly darker and with bubbles popping out. As soon as foamy bubbles start coming up, use your whisk vigorously in small/tight circular motions, this is to give the elastic nature to the ewedu.

* Add the ground Egusi powder. It is important to use dry powder and not wet. Wet egusi clogs the ewedu particles and reduces it's stickiness. Trust me. You only need to add a little Egusi. Just about 1 - 2 tablespoons. Also add iru and give the entire content a good whisk.

* If the Egusi has thickened your ewedu more than you like, just add a little water to dilute. Once you get the consistency that you wish, take it off the heat and season. I used ground crayfish. You can use salt or half of a seasoning cube. You don't need too much heat to cook the ewedu at this stage because it could affect it's stickiness and colour.

* ......and that's your yummy ewedu. Serve it with buka stew. Yum!

Make sure you make it this weekend. When you do so, invite me for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Happy Preparation!

Culled from Dooney's Kitchen



  1. Yum. Yummy. Yummiest!

    1. @adaora, thank, thank you, thank you adaora.


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