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How has the week been? It's been quite stressful for me for so many reasons. The overriding reason is the fact that I'm back to Ibadan and I'm gradually adjusting to my normal life here all because of my change in location. Another reason is because I was bit by mosquitoes before I traveled and malaria got hold of me just two days ago. I had to visit the University's clinic and I thank God I'm okay now.

Two days ago, I and my new temporary roommate decided to take a stroll to Palms Shopping Mall at Ring Road here in Ibadan. It was an interesting one and I packaged all the gist in this post. As usual, posts like this are sometimes a bit long. Simply relax and enjoy!

I firstly went to withdraw some cash alongside my roommate from the ATM stand along Bodija Road. When I was done, I and my roommate, Christianah, took a bike straight from Bodija Road down to Ring Road where the mall is located. Initially, she was talking of we entering a taxi down to Mokola(a place in Ibadan) before taking a bus from Mokola to Ring Road but I didn't buy the idea because I'm a bike person in the sense that Cabs and Buses are slower and are prone to traffic unlike bikes that can cut corners. They are also faster.
The bike man first told us that he would carry us for N600...ahan! We tried to negotiate but he was strong-headed. We were leaving already when he called us back and agreed to carry us for N400. Christianah said it was a good bet since if we were to take a bus, we would spend N170 each. We boarded the bike. The only discomfort was the seat. It was too hot. Also, I'm used to boarding bikes alone but I had to board the bike with Christy and I sat at the back.
This is me trying to manage a good selfie on the bike but I think it came out wrong.
We were almost getting to Ring Road when the bike started making some funny sounds. The bike man had to park in order to check what was wrong. I was totally pissed because the weather was pretty hot. God knows I need a car in my life.

That's Christianah above. While he was fixing the bike, I saw two boys of about 10 years begging a man for transport fare.
I was so moved and I was glad the man gave them money. I decided to talk to them and encourage them about life and how the future holds something bright for them only for me to see them run after other people begging them for transport fare again. Haba! It was then I realized that dem don turn am to business. The two boys were deformed in one of their eyes. That was enough to pity them but when they started telling different people stories, I simply turned my face. Christy told me that's how many of them behave. One of the boys stood at one corner of the road and brought out so much money and started counting. Aha, I thanked God I kept my money because even me sef wasn't holding as much money as they were counting.

The bike man fixed the bike soon enough and we got to The Palms Shopping Mall not too long after.
 There were some security guards checking cars that were going into the mall. I thought they were going to check us too but they didn't.

The Palms Shopping Mall has a pretty big compound. I attended a program here last year - An Etisalat sponsored program. The only reason why I attended was because I wanted to win the Etisalat Car...I dey tell you. I think I talked about it in a former post. The Palms houses various stores like Shoprite, The Max, 4given Clothing, TimeKeepers etc. The amazing thing is that the Shoprite in The Palms is the biggest Shoprite we have in Nigeria...Haha! Ibadan has made history!

                    INSIDE THE MALL
Do you guys know what was really on my mind when I was going in? Well, it was Shoprite Food. The last time I came, I didn't carry enough cash to buy food. This time around, I carried enough. But we had to check out other places before entering shoprite.
 Like I said, there are many stores in The Palms. It's similar to Ventura Mall but it's far bigger. You can check out my post on Ventura Mall HERE
 As usual, there were many people going in and out. Everyone was sha minding their business. Unlike what people say about Ibadan people, the mall wasn't over crowded. There was enough breathing space. In fact, Ikeja City Mall in Lagos is far more crowded than The Palms.                                                                                        
 I once saw a picture of Shoprite in Ibadan where there were so many people in it. HABA! That's a total exaggeration.
 There was an Airtel Store. There is also a GLO store. I didn't see Etisalat or MTN stores.
 There were cloth stores. Clothes for men and women.
 There were different places one could sit down and relax or eat.
 Yes, ColdStone stood gidigba too. This ColdStone ehn...I heard the Ice Cream is pretty nice but very expensive. Hmmm. I wanted to do amebo and price their ice cream but I remembered I came in company of someone. I can't fathom the difference between cold stone ice cream and the N100 ice cream I usually buy opposite Jaja Clinic in School. Maybe till I taste it sha.
 Puma has a store in The Palms too.
 MAC Costmetics too for the makeup pezonz and the gbogbo bigz girlz. I'm sticking to my munila powder of N2500.
 The MIX too...whatever they sell here.

 I apologize for the blurry pictures. I took them in haste.

 I love the name of this store - TIMEKEEPERS. It reminds me of an American Movie called IN TIME. Who has seen the movie? Very Nice! I have it on my laptop in case you wanna watch!

 I can't recollect the name of this super store we entered.
 Christy was busy checking out the weaves like she was going to buy them. She could tell the fake from original. Awon eleyi serun!(These ones dey make hair!)
 I quickly took some quick selfies

 That's me 'yimuing' for Christy.

 Shoprite was our next bustop.
 And it wasn't overcrowded!

 My Egyptian Sandals. That's not the name but I feel it looks like all these sandals the Egyptians in the Bible days

 And what's a good day without good food? I bought the spaghetti above. Surprisingly, they didn't call it spaghetti. They called it one yeye oyinbo name. YIMU! All because chicken dey inside. I never knew shoprite dey weigh food o. Village geh like me. It was N850.

 I also bought a plate of Jollof Rice and one big chicken. Christy had same too.
 Initially, she suggested we get a basket but I didn't see the need. But after buying food, I went to get a trolley. The trolley was really big and heavier than what we bought. Well, no be my fault. There was no smaller trolley. After buying all the food, Christy asked if I wanted to buy drinks. I said NOOOOO. Drinks ke. We never even know the total amount of the food wey we buy. I told her I would drink water. She went on to get herself a bottle of coke. As we passed by, she suggested I get a bottled water. I refused o. Bottled water kwa? When pure water dey hostel. Ngwanu, let's go and pay for the food jare. No money to waste.
 I was glad the line wasn't long so we paid in no time.

 There were some little kids who had paintings on their faces.

 Since I didn't take a full picture, I had to take a picture anyway.

 Our Food was packed in Shoprite Nylon and Christy went to return the Trolley.

 We were almost leaving when I decided we check out the Cinema. It was downstairs. Christy was scared of the stairs. It felt like you would fall off if you climb it.
I couldn't take pictures of the cinema because I guess it wasn't allowed. To my surprise, the wedding party is still showing in the cinema. Christy even said it's now on Youtube sef. Awon aye! I'm sure the movie producers haven't officially released it on Youtube.
 Leaving the mall, we took some pictures outside. We were sad leaving because we had to experience the hot sun again and we were just talking about how better life would have been if we both had cars.
 Her face was like this because she couldn't see well without her glasses.

                        ADDED INFORMATION
Palms Shopping Mall visit was fun all the way and it's one place you can get anything and everything you want ranging from Clothes to Phones to Accessories to Food to Hair etc.

ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING THE PALMS SHOPPING MALL - N2000 - for singles only (This includes food and cinema alone but doesn't include shopping except you want to do some window shopping like me)

PhotoCredit - I and Christy

Phone Used - My Infinix Hot 4 Lite (Yes!!! I've gotten a new phone! Yaay!😀😀😀😀 Bye bye to my Tecno P5)

Side Gist - Is it only me or I feel that God has a hand in this Osinbajo's New Rule? Like, everything is working in his favour. Naira to dollar is now N440 as at when last I checked. I'm wishing the President speedy recovery but I think APC will own it in 2019 all because of Osinbajo. PDP has lost it again. This time, just like Jonathan's time, people won't be voting for party but for the person.

Thanks for reading!!!💗💋



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