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Hey Guys!

Hello from my side!

I know you'll are wondering what's up with the blog's title. I'll definitely explain. Just give this post audience for about two minutes.

Hahahaha!!!! I got you all! It's no wedding proposal but a business proposal...#tongueout😜😜😜😜😜. Since you have opened, please spare extra two minutes to read till the end. 😀

One of the blog's dedicated and loyal reader sent me a message and we discussed and all. From discussing, we were able to share ideas and values. Importantly, we were able to open up to ourselves about our individual lives and that was how I got to know that this blog reader is one passionate person who is ready to turn the business world around.

Now, there is a great advantage. She is based in Ibadan. If she achieves her business aim and objectives, this would bring Ibadan into the limelight and make it stand out in not just West Africa but also Africa as a whole. This would correct various misconceptions about this beautiful city and it would deepen the impression that great people come from and live in Ibadan. She is seeking to expand her business tentacles into the fashion world.

She has a message for us. Read it below -

             ' Hi, Everyone. My name is Abigail. I am a Fabric Designer. I am looking to expand my business into a unique clothing line. I have a very unique idea. However, I do not have enough capital. I am looking for investors who are willing to invest between N250,000 - N1,000,000. I have a proposal and business plan ready for whoever might be interested. You can contact me via 

EMAIL - asaluabigail@gmail.com

PHONE NUMBER - 07064218882

Thank You'

Now, this is the time to rally round and help a friend and sister with a unique business idea. Verily, Verily, I say unto you, there are benefits included if you decide to lend a helping hand. She has her business plan and proposal ready. Please contact her as nothing is too little. If you know anyone else that might be interested, please share this post with the person as it might be you tomorrow. Every of your effort will be very much appreciated.

Please endeavor to share the post as many times as possible. God bless you!

Thanks for reading!💋💗

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  1. Lmao! I bin think say dem don give you ring sha. You caught me! Nice one. We will surely rally round her. Good job

    1. @EEdris, lol. She would appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. These are the type of things we want to hear and see not just wasting valuable time and resources via internet. With this blog, I feel she will get the support she needs. Good job

    1. @oladapo folorunsho, Exactly Sir. She will get every support she needs by God's grace. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back


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