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As the days go by, the necessity to escape from life's stress becomes more important and needed.

Stress of Work

Stress of Family

Stress of Academics

Stress of any kind of relationship

Stress of Hustling to make things better

What happens when you just want to sit at home and relax but the sun and heat is giving you extra stress? The cost of fuel is hiked and a hand fan won't do you any good. Your neighbor's generator noise is getting you paranoid and of course, there is no power supply. You are already too used to Rice in the morning, Eba in the afternoon and Garri in the evening. You are too tired to walk to Iya Basira's Amala Joint. You just need to change your environment and chill!

You know what? I know that feeling and this post has got you covered if you are in Ibadan or thinking of taking a vacation here.

Now, this is strictly my opinion. If you know of other cool spots, help our ministry by dropping it in the comment box. And I've gotten so much complaints that many people are unable to comment. I'm pretty sorry. I'm working on it. Simply drop your comment in the chat box and I'll post it for you.

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Located at Osuntokun Avenue, FunFactory is one fun place to visit if you are looking for a place to really chill in Ibadan. Before you even enter, you would have been seeing all the 'giz and goz' the place has to offer that would spike the fun in you. Sometimes, we have to shoot our adult nature with a gun and put on our child-like nature. Children have zero worries because they know mommy and daddy would always be there for them. FunFactory is one place where you have to have zero worries. Yes, I've been there before. Haha...I dey waka no be small. It's all for the blog though. I wanted to do a post on the place last year but somehow, somehow, the pictures I took tiptoed from my laptop. My laptop seriously needs divine touch...deliverance. They have an amusement park, they have an event center, they have clubs for kids etc. To know more, visit their website HERE

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Yes, I have a post of my visit to this place. Have you read it already? If you have not, turn your back, lemme spank you! Anyway, check it HERE. Ventura is one great place to chill in Ibadan. They have a lot to offer. Located on Samonda road, they've done very well to stay on top of their game. They house Filmhouse Cinema, Latitude Cafe and Lounge where you can do a karaoke. It's also a bar. They have different restaurants BUT Nna, as your sister, I will advise you not to carry bae to the restaurant if you know you still want to buy that land this 2017. I made a new friend in ventura the last time I went. He's into batik and all. So, it's a place to meet good people. It was the same place I made another new friend the first time I went. He's a gospel musician. Let me quit yarning. Simply check out the post I did about the place for more information.

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I did a post on Cocoa House too. It's on the blog. Simply check it HERE in order to get the full gist. Cocoa House at Dugbe is another place to chill and relax away from all life's stress and wahala. It houses the popular koko dome. It is a great place to unwind, get entertained and all. There is a swimming pool there and they have a restaurant there. Make sure, you visit the ATM before buying food from the restaurant sha. Me I don't know how to lie. If not, there is one Amala joint opposite the place. You can relax, switch to the Amala joint and come back to complete your relaxation in peace. Check out the post I did on it for more information.

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I wanted to do a post on this place but I kept on procrastinating and procrastinating till I finally forgot. Can you see why we should cast and bind the spirit of procrastination in our lives? That's why my new month post is for all of us. You can read it HERE. Palms Shopping Mall is one nice place to relax and chill as well. The first time I went was with a friend and it was for one Etisalat program like that. That was when my eyes bin dey shook to win Etisalat car...lol. Anyway, it houses a cinema, shoprite, different restaurants etc. I didn't really go round like that because I was in company of friends. This is why I like going out alone so that I can waka as I like. It's a pleasant and delightful place and you would have every fun you desire. It is located at Ring Road and I have a post on it on this blog. You can read it by clicking HERE

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There is a post on Agodi Gardens on the blog. And I went with a blog reader...yaaaaaaay! It was so much fun and I like that my blog reader wasn't an ajebutter kind. He was open and friendly and exciting. He made my trip fun (Stanley, I sight you!!!!) You can check out the post HERE. Agodi Gardens has to be Number one for me because it is the true definition to me of a place where you can relax. And they have a zoo too. They have restaurants, a barbecue place, a swimming pool etc. It's a great place to unwind, rest, eat (it's pocket friendly). People usually hold different shows there. I've only attended one and it was with a friend. You really should check this place out and make sure you explore when you do so. Do you want to know how the place is like before you go? Check out the post I did on it HERE. It is located at Parliament Road.

And, these are my 5 top places I recommend for everyone who is looking for a place to chill in Ibadan. This post was also influenced by an article I read online which was written by a lady who is based abroad but came to serve in Ibadan and she ranted angrily on how boring and annoying Ibadan was with no place to chill. She was so pissed that she had to redeploy to Lagos where she finally served. Well, I was once like her and these are just misconceptions people carry around about Ibadan. Ibadan is one exciting and peaceful place you would love to reside in. That was another thing that influenced the creation of this blog. It's best to get our facts right and not promote things that could stain the image of a place.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post. Do you have a different opinion? Please, leave it in the comment section. All your comments are well appreciated. God bless you all and butter una bread. 


SIDE GIST - I got a lot of requests for me to do a post on affordable places to stay in Ibadan. I haven't forgotten o. It would be up very soon. Also, there is a featured post coming up next. Don't miss it for anything because it's a financial post or a finance post. English can be a headache sometimes. Anyway, have fun and keep sharing and visiting. Lots of love!

Thanks for reading💗💋



  1. Very Interesting. I really need to escape from work's stress. Life could be stressful too many times

    1. @Dike, yea..right. I'm glad you found the post very interesting. You should check out some of these places. have fun! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. What of that place they call IITA? I would love to visit

    1. @Naijasinglegirl, see my role model commenting on my blog... Lol. IITA? would put it up soon. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  3. Awesome! A wonderful blog you have. Check mine also @ www.oldnaija.wordpress.com

    1. @Teslim Ompidan, thanks for the comment. I'll check out your blog now. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back

  4. That looks an awesome place. I'm gonna try to visit it. I'm pretty sure me and my friends are going to love it. Try visiting Circuit Makati, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!


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