For a while now, there has been no post on the blog and it just seems like the blog has gone on a holiday. Did you really feel that way too?😌 Well, no one has gone on a holiday, not even the blog. Instead, there are plans, plans and plans going on behind the scene of the blogπŸ’Ÿ. Great posts will be coming up this year. So, get ready to be entertained!πŸ’†

Before then, let me take the spotlight! YAAY! πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ


You know, the blog isn't a personal blog so it's not about me. But at least, you should know a little bit about the admin of the blog, Emete, who happens to be me. Are you ready? On your track, get set, relax and enjoy!


Yes. It's something I'm proud of. Yet, on some days, I wish I had a little brother or sister. I have two elder brothers and one elder sister. All of them are graduates. I'm the only one who is still schooling even though I'm almost done.


You heard that right! I'm far younger than most, if not, all my friends but many of them think we are age mates or perhaps, I'm older than Whenever I tell people my age, they often think I'm lying. This attributes to the fact that I have a big stature and most times, I talk, reason and behave way too matured than my age. So, it's way unbelievable. So, I have had to lie about my age all my life but this year, I'm repenting. There are very few people in this world who know my actual age. They include - My Family, My 100level roommates, All the schools I have attended(The records not the people) and maybe my SSS3 classmates. So, if you are my padi and you are reading this, forget that tin, you no sabi my age.


Err, I'm not being proud but it's the truth. When it comes to school work, I will just loose it because I'm not a fan of school. But I value education. I just feel the school system of Nigeria is whack. What happened to all those school stuff they portray of TV? Like the teachers being cool cats? Back to being multi talented. In this context, I mean I can do many things and I have done too many so many people haven't done just because I love doing things. Example - I can sing, I can dance, I can talk, I can market, I can organize, I exhibit management skills, I can design, I can teach, I can create(I created my first doll when I was 6. I was bored and need a doll baby but my parents thought I was big already so I created my own doll from wood. It was inspired by a cartoon film called Ed, Edd and Eddy), I write, I train, I sew and a host of other things. But all these are just hidden waiting to spring out again after school.


I love staying indoors. When I was little, I was more of an extrovert but my parents will always beat me and lock I and my sister inside the house. This made me be an introvert by force. I can stay indoors for a week and still make myself very happy. I really don't need anything. Just food and my thoughts. I will act a film, create a relationship, make friends and do everything in my thoughts.


I'm as extroverted as I am introverted. My parents didn't take that extrovert thing away fully. When I'm in the mood, I love to go out ALONE. I love going out alone. I fancy hanging out with friends though but there is something about going out alone for me. I tend to make more friends, network better and do a lot of things and leave anywhere whenever I feel like without anyone saying anything.


Aha, in this context, it is good mood swings! I'm not the kind of person that gets happy one time and gets angry another time. No No No. I hardly get angry. What I mean here is that my mood when I'm with different people differs. When I'm with some of my friends, I'm always overly excited. I would laugh, shout, scream, jump, dance, exude weirdness and all. I would talk and talk because I am happy to be around them. However, if I'm with some of my other friends, I would be more quiet and talk less. I would rather listen more not because they are saying things that inspire but because we don't just connect in too many ways. Either because they are abusive (I detest people that insult in any way) or they get angry easily(Aha, I don't like people like this) or they take things personal( I fear people like this) or we don't just connect in other ways. But if you are lighthearted, free-spirited, then I will display the real me, So, to some people, I don't talk(for example, I don't talk in my class. Talk, kwa? They assume I'm very gentle. Gentle, kwa? I don't even talk in my faculty. I will just be smiling and minding my business). While to others, I can talk for Africa (Yes, that's me)


My mom once said I would soon eat the entire house. I can eat for Africa and I love to taste new food. I love to cook too but I'm too lazy to buy stuff or walk to the kitchen or do the dirty dishes after. But for food, I can eat 10 times a day. My love for food developed when I was in junior secondary school. I was very thin then. Then, my Home Economics teacher said, Emete, you like eating but you are still very thin. I was sad. I stepped my eating game up. I would eat the entire big bread mean't for 6 people. I began growing fat when I entered SSS1. The first person to notify me was our corper in my school then. She said, Emete, your cheeks are now getting bigger o. From then till now, I've not looked back on my love for food.


My love for acting goes way back! I remember sitting down in the sitting room and watching people act on TV. That day, I began aspiring to be an actress 'when I grow up'. When I was in SSS class, I told my dad I wanted to be an actress but he said 'lailai!' He said actors and actresses are always kissing on television and so, he doesn't want his child to be one. Since he didn't allow me to be one, I started playing 'pretend'. I would pretend to be someone else and even to others. People ALWAYS believed but would become sad when I say, 'I'm joking o'. Some people now started seeing me as a liar. I'm not o. I just love playing the pretend game. But I've stopped anyway. If I have my way, I will act one day.


My love for God runs deep! When I was younger, I had a dream of being a Pastor. I love speaking to people about God. I love hearing people talk about God. If you love God genuinely, I will love to be very close to you. I love to worship Him, I love to pray, I love to go to church where the undiluted truth is taught in the simplest way and not all these unnecessary senrenren. I believe Jesus is coming soon.


I love to sing so much! I best express myself through songs. But I often have my bad voice days than my good voice days. So, you could ask me to sing right now and you would be like, this girl doesn't even have voice. This is because I'm not doing things to maintain my good voice. I drink cold water and I don't train my voice as expected. A good example is when I recorded my first Christmas song. That was one of my bad voice day. I plan on starting a gospel girls group when I graduate with the aim of winning souls to Christ through our ministration. That's for later. Singing is my passion. I don't know which one comes first out of acting and singing.


I've been shy since I can remember but I had to train myself in order to let go of the shyness. The shyness comes from the fact that I usually think everyone is looking at me when I'm passing - either they are thinking positive or negative but I had to come off it and I thank God, it's gone. I can only PRETEND to be shy. Remember I love playing the pretend game. I can also PRETEND to be quiet. Whenever I am shy, I always pray to God to give me boldness and courage like He gave the disciples after the Holy Spirit came upon them.


For whatever reason, I respect and love the male gender a lot. I was once a tomboy when I was much little. I always wanted to be a boy. But when I started growing boobs, I had to go back to being a girl. I hang around guys just because I think I connect better with them better, they understand me better, they are more open to people like me, no one has time to be gossiping, hating, back biting, we can relate as per 'guy, how far things' instead of the ladylike 'hello, hi'. And I can relate to them in pidgin. Heaven knows I love pidgin! My male friends know I could be a weirdo. A girl can be passing and I will be like 'omo, that babe carry for back o' and they are like 'true talk. Mama carry!' and then, we proceed to gist and all. They are simply fun to be with...but not all guys anyway.


Back in the days, my best self expression was often through writing. I can't count the amount of books I have wasted in the house. I wrote my first story when I was five years old and I called it 'The Twins'. I remember giving my stories names like 'The wicked grandmother, the wicked househelp, the wicked stepmother'...everyone was sha wicked in my own In primary school, I was given the title 'The story teller'. My senior, Tayo Obembe, reminded me of that title when I chatted him up on facebook. I used to be the shy, little girl who always told stories in the school bus. Then in secondary school, I would come to the front of the class to say stories. Everyone always anticipated my stories that most times, never had title. I would write and people will come to read my stories. The first time someone ever cried after reading my story was in SSS2. Senior Tolu cried. Not only her, others have told me they cried after reading my stories. Deep right? So today, I reflected back on those days and decided to do just one more which could lead me to do others...maybe. I decided to write a book...err...a storybook...I mean, a novel. Yes! It would be published. Only God knows when I will finish it sha.


Maybe because the Lord says 'woe to those that put their trust in men'...haha. I have enough experience to make me never trust people. That's not to say I don't have a little trust. But the fact remains that even if we are the closest, I dey use my others eyes sight you o. Because I realize that we are all humans and our human nature could get in the way. So, if I hear that 'Emete, that your bestie lied against you' I will just joke about it because in the first place, I wasn't expecting herim/her to be perfect. So, trusting people, not me.


I'm ALWAYS selfish with my personal stuff. I hate people eating from my plate. I hate people wearing my things. I hate people touching my things without telling me. I so hate it and it fit cause quarrel because I will never do it to anyone. If I don't have, I don't have niyen. My mom will always say I'm selfish because when I have something, I won't give you. If I give you, God knows, It's not from my heart. I prefer to give you money to buy your own thing. I remember when I went to eat in a cafeteria and one of my guy was sitting opposite me. We were gisting. Before I started eating, I offered to buy him food. He said I shouldn't worry. Okay o. I started eating. That's how he exclaimed, 'Emete, nawa for you o. Naso you go just chop this food finish?'. He collected my spoon and ate out of it. Worst case scenario - FROM MY OWN SPOON!!!!!!!!!!! I'm someone who would never drink out of a pure water someone has drank out of except if I'm dead thirsty. I will cut from somewhere else. But if it is to give, I can give you everything I have but not the one I have started using...IYAMA!

So, that's practically 15 major things about me. There are still more o. If I decide to write everything, the post will be too long. So, just keep that. I hope you enjoyed it?!

             WHAT EMETE IS UP TO

I love to visit other blogs...a whole lot! Just because I love reading what other people write. So, I enjoin you to visit other blogs too! One thing that is slowly becoming tradition is something I'm about to do now. Enjoy!

READING - Acshuali, I'm not reading any book currently but I'm about to read two books I've been craving to read for a while. I will purchase them from One is Toke Makinwa's On Becoming and the second is my favorite blogger's book. Her name is NaijaSingleGirl. The title is 29, Single and Nigerian.

WATCHING - What have I been watching lately? Okay. Yesterday, I watched the first episode of Husbands of Lagos. I have simply being enjoying videos on YouTube. I also watched SisiYemmie's Vlog. She's one of my favorite bloggers too. I also watched videos by my favorite Online Comedian, Twyse Ereme. Please, go watch it. I've been enjoying Funke Akindele's family videos. I love the fact that she's happy with JJC Skills. I love seeing people happy. No hate in my blood.

MAKING - Currently making plans of things I'm set to do after school because I'm a finalist and I don dey old even though I'm still too young to be true.

EATING - Just because I saw the mcclurkin's twins mom...she looks so fab even after twins! I decided to work on my body by eating healthy. Exercise has never been my thing. As for eating healthy, I still eat ijekuje but in small portions...hehe

REALIZING - That God is the only reason I'm alive. God is the only force behind my living. I've always realized this but I keep getting newer realizations everyday and I'm so working hard to live for Him alone.

WASTING - I don't think I've been wasting time or opportunities in anyway. I don't have any life regrets. I only see every experience as a lesson and a training for who God is preparing me to be in future

KNOWING - That I need to start saving money. For the first time in a holiday, I have money in my bank account....yaay!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Well, that's because I don lost my atm I've never had good money management skills since I can remember but when I spoke to God about it some years ago, He's been helping me. This last semester is one semester I can count how many times I got broke...just 4 times maybe. Before, na weekly I dey get broke. I'm improving and becoming more wise with money.

WISHING - I wish I could just fast forward time. I always wanted to grow up. Now, I'm a bit grown up. Now, I wanna grow up even more. Like, I'm so jealous of everyone who is married with kids right now...the happily married ones o. So, I wish I dey my husband house with a grown business, happy kids, serving God totally and living a great life with no worries because God has taken care of everything. But right now, everything is still in the process.

NEEDING - What I need right now is a car. I've been screaming this since last year. Little wonder when an Etisalat competition started in my school, I used one of the last change I had to buy Etisalat card in order to qualify and win a car only for another person to win it. Chai. Lord, answer me soon. Thank you, Jesus. A car that has A.C o. But, I can't drive. Maybe that's why I don't have a car yet. One of my plans this year is to learn how to drive so that the prayer can be facilitated. AMEN!

WONDERING - Too many times, I wonder why people aren't always excited about other people's success. This is because I am one person who is always excited to hear that everyone is doing fine. I don't care if you've gone ahead of me because I don't believe in competition. I believe in helping others. Secondly, I'm wondering why many guys are always quick to assume a girl likes them when she extends a hand of friendship. This usually pisses me off. It's not bad to like someone. In fact, she might just have a crush on you, maybe but let the friendship reach one month before you take a step na.

HOPING - To marry soon. I mean, when I graduate from school. Because of my parents, one year after university will do. And I hope to have twins too. Aww, the mcclurkin(Did I get the spelling right?) twins are just one bundle of Joy and enough inspiration.

WEARING - Right now, I'm wearing a pink jacket with a black inner tank top and a leggings with black flats. I'm not a fashion person so u fit dey wonder at my clothes. I believe in decency. I love wearing short things...short skirt, short gown and I've realized that it's not God's plan for my life to be indecent with short stuff. So, I'm trying pretty hard to start wearing decent stuff. At least, the ankara I sewed for Christmas reached my knees. Can I get a Hallelujah?!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

FEELING - am I feeling? I feel excited. I miss someone sha. Is that part of feeling too? I don't miss school as usual...hahaha...I only miss someone in school. I miss my friends in school. I certainly do not miss classes, maka why? Why will you miss lectures? Most importantly, I feel like eating right now. It's 3'o clock and I ate about 4 hours ago. I'm hungry!

Haha, whats's yours?


Back to the blog, I have a couple of things lined up for the blog this year to make a perfect 2017. A few include

1. POST THINGS ON EVERY SECTION OF THE BLOG - Last year, it was all about DISCOVERED!, one post on people, a lot on places, a few on food, some personal posts. Mehn, there is a lot to the blog! 2017 will be refreshing!

2. A NEW BLOG NAME - Yes! I will so miss LIVE IN IBADAN but I just have to change the name and also, buy a domain name. I was surprised to discover that there is another blog called LIVE IN IBADAN. Shocking right? So, I have to change it! I won't tell you the new blog name. Wait for it!

3. SURPRISES - Everyone that knows me too well know that I love surprises. So, I will keep the rest for now and let everything out little by little as my little way of surprising every reader that has got the blog's back.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a fun 2017!

Thanks for reading!πŸ’—πŸ’‹



  1. And that's how I know more about my dear Emete.

    1. @anonymous, lol...good to know. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. Great, Nice to know you better Emete. How about your relationship status, you didn't tell us..

  3. @anonymous, I'm glad you know me better now. As for my relationship status, I'm in a relationship. Glory to God. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  4. I enjoyed reading every bit of this post, made me smile all through! Yes to being multi talented. It's the best gift anyone could ever have. God has indeed blessed you. I'm also introextrovert (as i like to call it) I enjoy my own company, I love to same indoors and at the same time I love to host my friends, hang out with them (but not all the time o).

    I hope you achieve your blog goals and life goals for the year. Looking forward to reading new and exciting content her and I am here wondering what will be her new blog name.... hmmmm but like said - I shall wait for it.

    Happy New year hun!

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    1. @tega enai, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. #kizzes. So it's called introextrovert? Never knew o. By God's Grace, exciting contents would take over 2017 and yes please, wait for the blog's new name. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  5. Nice post dear. Its great knowing more about you. So you don't like sharing food like me lol. The only time I like sharing food is when it's plenty and I can't finish it or it's something I don't like . I don't really eat much Food at once. I prefer food in bits so I prefer to buy yours for you. But I like tasting other people's food. My sister is always shouting. Haha.
    I don't mind when people wear my stuff or touch it. If it's not scarf, go ahead jare.
    Nice that you love God so much.When is that girl group going to start nah?
    I can testify that you are really mature. You have a good head on your shoulders.
    Your pics are amazing. Fine geh.
    Live in Ibadan has been taken ke. Who are the people? Let me go and confirm.

    Fifteen habits you need to do away with in 2017

    1. @bisola, yes o. I don't like sharing food just like you o. Lol. I don't eat in bits. I like to eat everything at once but I'm changing though because...fitfam! Hehehe...scarfs, berets etc are sensitive materials so we can't just let anyone put them on. As for me, I don't like people wearing my clothes sha. And yaay!, to your *testifyment* that I'm You too, fine geh. Yes o. Live In Ibadan has been taken. You can check it out at So sad but I'm getting a new name sha. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  6. Wow wow wow,so this is my first time here, and am ������. Good job, sha let us know when you move the blog, because am stucked here already ooo. I hope to meet to some day, I school in Oyo, ogbomosho to be precise.
    You still care for the Time makinwa 'On becoming', I could give you (its an e-version sha),I could mail it, or WhatsApp it, anyone you want?

  7. @seyi, heyyyyyyyyyy! The sister I never knew! So you have toke makinwa's on becoming????? Plix mail it to or whatsapp it to 09098265695. God bless you in advance. #kizzes! And I'm glad you love the blog. Please subscribe also. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  8. This was a nice and enjoyable read. I hope you get to meet and exceed your goals this year.

    I think it's okay to change your blog name, as Live in Ibadan kinda limits you a little bit.

    1. @beryy dakara, Amen to meeting and exceeding my goals this year. Thanks for stopping. Do check back!

  9. Lol. What a great read. I enjoyed every bit of it. I like that you are multi-talented. I hope that wouldn't be a barrier to choosing a career (like it's been for me).

    Do have a great 2017.
    Plus, you fine no be small!

    1. @nwamaka ajaegbu, lol..thanks. It's not pretty a barrier...just means one gets to be a jack of all trade. Have a great 2017 too and being fine. You pretty pretty too! xoxoxo. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  10. Thanks for sharing a little about you. It was interesting reading this post. I love that you're a reader. I look forward to your future post.

    1. @comfycozyup, I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  11. Asides some other blog being Live in Ibadan, i think it's a good idea to change the blog name. Because as Berry said, this is kind of limiting. All the best for this year! || Bloglovin'!
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  12. @kachee Tee, you are quite right but I will like to emphasize that the sphere of this blog is Ibadan alone. So, the next name will still be Ibadan centred. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  13. I enjoyed this piece from start till the end,the kind of excitement I get when I open each of your posts is.........THANK YOU.

    1. @bukunolami12, Awww... Thanks my love. I'm glad you enjoy each posts. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  14. The domain ( is not currently in use. I think this is your opportunity to grab it before someone else does. Good luck.


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