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What's up, eyin eyan mi?

You'll should be grateful that I didn't say that to your face because my yoruba can make you go crazy. However, I thank God for God. It keeps improving everyday and I'm grateful to all Ibadan peeps who keep pushing me to learn yoruba pronunciation the right way.

First of all, I apologize for not wishing you guys a happy and merry christmas. Christmas this year wasn't all that for me because something not too nice happened that day which broke me but I thank God He resolved everything that same day. So, I didn't upload my vlog as expected and the 5 days countdown was cut short. It hurt me too but it's all for good. I will still try to upload the video though.

The holiday isn't over yet and there are still so many things you can do while you are in Ibadan. A friend of mine texted me and told me that Ibadan is boring right now and I was like, for where? Iffa hear?! You just need to know what to do at the right time and yes, this blog has got you covered if you are in Ibadan. Yaay! So the things you should do in Ibadan this holiday includes -


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I would be very bias here. If you haven't seen 'The Wedding Party', just run to the cinema right now. Like, wetin happen? Two Christmas(es) ago, my elder brother took I and my elder sister and second elder brother to the cinema. That was the day we watched AY's '30 days in Atlanta'. Seeing a movie during the holiday has never failed. It's a great way of unwinding and whiling away time. There are different cinemas in Ibadan you can visit. At least, I wrote about one of them on the blog. You can read it HERE


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Sweet, it doesn't have to be a picnic and who says you have to go with someone? I'm one person that loves going out alone so that I can express myself very well. I won't have to adjust or behave a certain way just because I'm with someone. I can talk anyhow, laugh anyhow, dress anyhow, walk anyhow, stop and move at any time I like because I really don't care who is watching because I suppose no one is watching. If you are like me, please give yourself a 'me' time by going out to fun places like Agodi Gradens, Fun Factory, UI zoo etc


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Going shopping is very different from going on an outing. When you are on an outing, you can decide to do window shopping. You fit just enter any shop and start behaving like person wey carry for pocket and begin pricing anything. After the whole senrenren, just tell them you can't find what you need or ask them for a different colour of what they have and then, disappear. But in this case, you are actually going out with the intention of doing real shopping. It doesn't have to be clothes. You could shop for stuffs you always needed in your house or personal items you never had time to get because of work, school or any other thing. Places you could shop include Ventura, FoodCo, Shoprite, Slot, Dugbe(in case you wanna buy bend-down-select, you recognise that ministry abih?) etc


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Some days back, an event was held at Agodi Gardens where a lot of people came en masse. It doesn't have to be very serious events. It could be a comedy show. It could be a music blast. It could be a talk show. It could be a seminar. It could be a workshop. It could be a birthday ceremony. It could be a dinner. It could be a wedding ceremony which is my favourite. It fit be a religious event. All those events you couldn't attend because of lack of time, please rock these events now. Forget about what you will wear. I'm not a fashionista. So, I'm the wrongest person to advice you on what to wear. However, wear whatever you feel comfortable in and just switch your style to suit the event. Shikena.


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Err, you don't have to be married to do this. A wierd somebody like me can plan anything anyhow. Sebi honeymoon means to go somewhere and have a fun time with your significant other? Ehn, I can do that too. You know, you could actually decide to spend the night in a hotel just for the fun of it. Yes! Just because you want to experience a new bed, A.C, just a new environment. If you like, you can go with your girls if you are a girl. I don't know if guys do that too. It's just a way of changing environment for a day or as long as you want. You and your family can actually decide to lodge in a hotel a little bit far from home or in another part of Ibadan. Ibadan has a couple of nice hotels you will love!


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You don't have to play everyday. You can actually start that business you have been plotting this holiday! Now, you have enough time to do a lot of things. So, you can put everything into place ahead of when the real work will start. It could be a school, a shop, a blog, a real estate business, oil business(importer - exporter, for my igbo people based in Ibadan). Anything that rocks your boat. But now is the time to start a business and incase you don't know, Ibadan is a very fertile ground and one of the best places to start a business in Nigeria.


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Treating yourself is very much different from organising a personal honeymoon. The reason for your personal honeymoon is because you just want to change your environment and feel home away from home. But in this case, you are actually at home and you want to treat yourself to the goodies of life. Ibadan has got it all. You can order one medium sized dominos size pizza...I bet you can't finish it alone. I thought I could chop for africa till I ordered one and had to become a hospitable person by asking my roommate to come and eat with me. I couldn't finish it immediately even though it was really tasty. You can order for that cake and chocolate you have been craving all the time!...yum! yum! Or, you can decide to treat yourself by yourself by running to the market and buying everything you will need to prepare that very delicious delicacy for yourself and your family. I personally like when people praise me when I cook. If you don't, I won't feel like cooking for you next time...lol. So, treat yourself! The Internet is buzzing with thousands of recipes. So, do something new.


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In this context, I mean, help others. You don't have to wait till it's your birthday before you visit orphanage homes or IDPs. You can help the less - priviledged this holiday season. If you think you cannot afford going to an orphanage home, you could just gather a thousand naira(N1000) and break it down into bits. So, you can start sharing the bits to every begger you see on the road till it finishes. That could be your little way of helping the less priviledged. Or you could buy them an umbrella, food, water, a new bowl or anything they need. It could be clothes. It really doesn't have to be money. Or you could support companies and programmes who are into such by donating money or things you have or by personally joining them for their outing. It would be fun!


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Yes! It's very different from starting a business. There are people who hold shows, seminars, programmes and make money from it or it could be due to your passion and you might make money from it. Anything that rocks your boat. You could be a lover of natural hair. People like me who are thinking a million times whether to go for naturals or not could finally be convinced if you hold a seminar on it and I attend. It could be a food program where you get different bukas or food companies to come and display their meals. It could be a cloth program. It could be a meetup of bloggers or designers or anything! Just do your homework and hold a program. You would be suprised the outcome! The attendance might not be so great because it's your first program but consequent ones will be the bomb!


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And the last one is just to put on your adventure cap like me and visit new places. Ibadan is a really big place and there is a high possibility that you haven't been to a quater of the places Ibadan has to offer. The reason I visit new places for the blog is not so you can read, enjoy, laugh and forget it. It's mainly so you can have an idea of places in Ibadan you can visit and enjoy! This blog can be a tour guide for new places you can visit. There a couple of other Ibadan blogs that can serve as tour guides for you as well. We have IBCity Info and a couple of others. Don't limit yourself. Go out and enjoy what Ibadan has to offer.

So, this is my list of top things you can do in Ibadan this holiday. I hope it comes handy for everyone! If you have another idea, please drop it in the comment. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yippee! And it only gets berra! I love this post!

    1. @bisola, yaay! Glad you love it! Thnaks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. Great list. I really want to see the Wedding Party movie.

  3. @chic therapy, I'm glad you love the list. You should REALLY go see the wedding party. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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