Even though I didn't plan to post anything till saturday...shhh, something nice is on track...I just felt I should update every sweet reader. Going through the segments on the blog, I noticed I haven't done enough justice to some segments and the excuse is that the blog is barely a month and I can't be all over in such a short time. Nevertheless, I will be posting and doing something on the food section. Actsuali, I am not cooking but I will be visiting a very nice place tomorrow by the Grace of God to learn about the Ibadan kind of food. So, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Also, very importantly, some new sections have been added to the blog. They include -
Now, you might be wondering whats all these about? The PERSONAL section will have posts just like the one you are reading right now. They aren't posts about me o but in a way, it's linked to me. It's all in a bid to update you on steps I am about to take, new things on the blog in order to put everyone at the same level because the blog isn't for me but for all of us.

Now, I noticed that so many blogs that talk about places do not actually go deep into the people that make up such places or people that are working hard to give the place a name. This brought about the second new section which I call DISCOVERED!. Here, you will be able to catch up on posts about the average, unnoticed people who have great talents and potentials and are working hard in the little way they can in order to change the world around them. This is in a bid to encourage everyone to work on their God - given talent and follow their passion. You never can tell who might be reading this blog and would want to work on such fellow. That is why you should tell your friend to tell your friend to keep it locked down on this blog. Tanchiu in advance!

However, there are some people who are secretly running things in Ibadan and we really do not know them. We only see their big cars and big houses and expensive wears and we can only pray for God to butter our bread too. That is why I started the third section called MADE MEN/WOMEN. They are the owners of wealth in Ibadan. They are the C.E.Os, business moguls, real estate owners etc and we are really curious to know how they were able to achieve this much. This section is a must watch out for section.

I am personally excited and I know God will take each and everyone of us to greater heights. Meanwhile, I will be putting up new stuff on my other blog. You can read it HERE. Hope your day went well though?

Thanks for reading! :)



  1. Wow! Great stuff!

  2. @shadepee, thanx and thanks for stopping by. Do check by!

  3. im continually loving every bit of this blog!

  4. @horlamidey, thanx a lot! I will keep doing my best to bring utmost satisfaction and make everyone believe in Ibadan! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. Replies
    1. @anonymous, thanks dear. Thnaks for stopping by. Do check back!


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